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Wedding Thank You Card Wording (with Examples)

You did it! You got hitched! Time to relax and enjoy newlywed life.

There’s just one last piece of wedding admin to complete. Your wedding thank you cards. A chance to express your heartfelt thanks to the friends and family who helped make your big day so special.

But what should you write in wedding thank you cards?

We know that finding the right words isn’t always easy. So we’ve created these wedding thank you card wording examples to help you write meaningful and memorable messages for your loved ones.

Wedding Thank You Card Example Image

How to write wedding thank you cards

When should you send wedding thank you cards? Which guests get one? And should you mention money? Let’s start with a few wedding thank you card tips.

Be organised

Keep a careful note of every gift you receive – and which guest gave it to you. That way no one gets forgotten.

Don’t leave it too late

Aim to send your wedding thank you cards no later than three months after your wedding.

Make it personal

Add handwritten notes to printed wedding thank you cards to show each guest how much you care.

Work in batches

The prospect of writing all those thank you cards can feel a little daunting. So commit to writing a few at a time.

Share the load

Get your new husband or wife to share in wedding thank you card duties. Two pens are better than one!

Mention the gift

Mention the specific gift a guest bought you. But while you should say thank you for a monetary gift, don’t reference the amount.

Send cards to everyone

Send thank you cards to anyone who attended your wedding and/or sent a gift. Anyone who took the time and effort to celebrate with you – or to send their best wishes – deserves your thanks.

Stay on theme

Pick wedding thank you cards that fit with the theme of your other wedding stationery – and the style of the wedding itself.

Share a photo

Wedding thank you cards are a perfect opportunity to share a wedding photograph or two. So select a few images that encapsulate the joy of the day.

Wedding thank you card wording examples

Struggling to put pen to paper? Then take a look at these wedding thank you note examples. Short but sweet messages for every type of wedding and every type of guest.

Thank you to guests who attended your wedding

Dear Jake,

Thank you for coming to our wedding and helping to make our day so special. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Love from Katy & Sam

Thank you to guests who gave a gift

Dear Jake,

Thank you for coming to our wedding and helping us to celebrate our special day. We were so pleased you could make it. And were thrilled to receive your beautiful gift too. We’ll be using it for many years to come.

Thanks again for being there!

All our love,

The Taylors

Thank you to guests who gave money

Dear Jake,

Thank you for coming to our wedding. We couldn’t have wished for a better day and we loved having you there.

We also want to say thank you for your generous gift. We’ll be using it to make our honeymoon in [destination] extra special / build a new home together.

Lots of love,

Katy & Sam

Thank you to guests who did not attend

Dear Jake,

Thank you for your kind words and your generous gift on our wedding day. It was such a shame you couldn’t be there. We missed you! And we hope to see you soon.

Best wishes from Katy & Sam

Thank you to guests after a destination wedding

Dear Jake,

Thank you so much for travelling all the way to [destination] for our wedding. It meant the world to us to have you there. We loved celebrating with you and hope you had an amazing time too!

Much love,

Katy & Sam

A formal wedding thank you

Dear Jake,

We sincerely thank you for your company and your generous gift on our wedding day. We feel very blessed to have shared our day with so many wonderful family and friends.

Very best wishes,

Katy & Sam

Thank you to guests who gave a charitable donation

Dear Jake,

Thanks for celebrating our marriage with us. We had the best time and hope you did too!

Thanks also for your generous donation to [your chosen charity]. It’s an organisation that we hold close to our hearts. And we’re so pleased that, with your help, we’ve been able to gift them a considerable sum.

Love from Katy & Sam

Thank you to the bridal party

Dear Jake,

Thank you for being my [best man / groomsman / maid of honour / bridesmaid].

It meant so much having you by my side throughout this whole process – and on the day itself. We really couldn’t have done it without you!

We’re both so grateful for the beautiful wine decanter too. You’ll have to come over soon and see it in action!

All our love always,

Katy & Sam

Adding a personal touch

Pick any of these wording examples and you’ll convey your sincere thanks to all guests. But to make your wedding thank you cards even more meaningful, try writing something unique for each recipient.

You could reference a specific gift and what you plan to do with it. If you’re going to use a guest’s monetary gift to go scuba diving on your honeymoon – or you can’t wait to mix some sundowners with your new cocktail shaker – tell them all about it.

Another option? Personalise your wedding thank you card with an anecdote, reminding your guest of a special moment you shared on your wedding day. Whether that was a warm congratulatory hug or the crazy shapes they cut on the dancefloor.

You know your guests best. And the possibilities are endless. But when you start with one of our wording ideas, you can count on eloquent wedding thank you messages, written in no time at all.

Create personalised wedding thank you cards with Inkifi

Sending wedding thank you cards with Inkifi is easy. Simply pick a design you like, upload your favourite wedding photographs and edit the text.

wedding thank you card example image

We’ll print your design on sustainable, premium quality card. And deliver both cards and envelopes to your door.

Next? Add a handwritten message to each card (with our wedding thank you card wording as inspiration). Address your envelopes.

Then send personalised thank yous to the people who showered you with love and affection on your wedding day.

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