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Baby Thank You Card Wording (with Examples)

Congratulations to the new parents! If you’ve welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world then, in between the newborn cuddles and sleepless nights, you’ve likely experienced an outpouring of love from family and friends.

Baby thank you cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the kindness, cards and gifts you and your new baby have received. But what do you do when your sleep-deprived brain can’t think of anything to write?

We know finding the right words isn’t always easy. So we’ve compiled a list of baby thank you card wording examples – with messages for baby showers, Christenings, naming ceremonies and new baby gifts.

Just take your pick, write your cards and tell loved ones how grateful you are for their well wishes and support.

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Baby Thank You Card Example Image

How to write baby thank you cards

Be organised

Those first days with a new baby are a whirlwind. But try to be organised when you’re opening gifts. Make a note of each gift and sender. Then you can say a heartfelt thank you to everyone.

Send cards on every occasion

You may receive baby gifts at a baby shower, when your little one arrives and/or at a Christening or naming ceremony. Be sure to send a thank you note each time someone gives you or your baby a gift.

Mention the gift

Show friends and family you value their gift by mentioning it specifically. You might like to say how your little one reacted to the gift. Or what you hope to do with it.

Say thank you for gift cards and money

Say thank you for a gift card or money by telling the sender what special baby items you’ll spend it on.

Decide who is writing

Send a message as baby’s parents. Or let your little one say thank you. Just decide who is writing – and stick with that point of view for the whole message.

Share a photo

Whether the gift giver has met your baby or not, they’ll love seeing a picture of them. So pick a photo baby thank you card and upload your favourite snap.

Baby gift thank you wording examples

Stuck for something to write? Then start with one of these baby thank you message examples.

Baby shower thank you

To Rebecca,

Thank you for helping to make my baby shower so special. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Thanks for the amazing gift too. I’m really looking forward to a little spa session before Bump arrives.

Lots of love from Amy

Thank you from baby

To Rebecca,

Baby Max says thank you for his gorgeous gift.

He can’t wait to wear it – and is looking forward to cuddles with you soon!

Love from Amy & James

Thank you from the parents

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your lovely card. Your kind words mean so much as we settle into life as a family of three!

We hope to introduce you to Max soon.

Lots of love from Amy & James

Thank you for a gift

To Rebecca

Thanks for the amazing gift. We love it – and know Max does too! It will take pride of place in the nursery.

Love from Amy & James

Thank you for a gift card or money

To Rebecca,

Thanks for the beautiful message you wrote in our card. It means so much to have the love and support of our friends during these newborn days.

Thank you for the gift card too. We’ll use it to get Max some special bedtime books.

Love from Amy & James

A formal thank you

Dear Rebecca,

Many thanks for your kind words and generous gift. We really appreciate you thinking of us at this special time.

Best wishes,

Amy, James and Max

Christening thank you card wording examples

Thank you to a godparent

To Auntie Rebecca,

Thank you for being my godmother. And for the precious Christening gift you gave me.

Lots and lots of love from Max.

Thank you for attending

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you so much for coming to Max’s christening. The day wouldn’t have been the same without your love and support.

Love and best wishes from Amy & James

Thank you to a Christening guest who didn’t attend

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for thinking of Max on his special day. We missed you at the Christening but truly appreciate your lovely card and gift.

We hope to see you soon.

Love from Amy, James & Max

Thank you for a Christening gift

To Rebecca,

Thank you for coming to Max’s christening. It meant so much to have you there.

Thank you for the beautiful Christening gift too. I’m sure Max will treasure it forever.

Love from Amy & James

Naming ceremony thank you message examples

Thank you for attending

To Rebecca,

Thank you for coming to Max’s naming ceremony. It was so lovely to celebrate his arrival with our closest family and friends. And we really appreciated you travelling to be there.

Let’s catch up again soon!

Amy & James

Thank you for a naming ceremony gift

To Rebecca,

Thank you for coming to my naming ceremony. I loved meeting you and love my snuggly new blanket too.

Come for cuddles again soon!

Love from Max

Create personalised baby thank you cards with Inkifi

Sending baby thank you cards with Inkifi is easy. Just select your favourite template, upload a photo of your little one and edit the text.

Baby Thank You Cards Example Image

We’ll print your design on sustainable, premium quality cards and deliver both cards and envelopes to your door.

All you have to do is write a personal message and address envelopes. Then send your thoughtful thank you notes to everyone who’s showered your baby with love and kindness.

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