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Delivery Cost - £9.95 With FEDEX or DPD

Frame Options

This frame is available as a premium quality Black, White, Brown or Natural Frame

Number Of Photos

The snapshot frame can feature from 16 up to 60 photos.

The number of photos depends on the frame size selected.

Square Frames:

The 16 x 16 inch frame holds 16 photos

The 20 x 20 inch frame holds 25 photos

The 24 x 24 inch frame holds 36 photos

Landscape Frames:

The 12 x 18 inch frame holds 15 photos

The 16 x 24 inch frame holds 24 photos

The 20 x 30 inch frame holds 35 photos

The 24 x 36 inch frame holds 60 photos

Your order will plant a tree, read more. Part of our Eco collection; made from environmentally friendly materials and printed using water-based inks.