A Guide To Sending Save The Date Cards On Time

A save the date is all about giving your guests a heads up – ensuring they put your wedding date in their diary, and have enough time to organise travel and accommodation.

Calendar Save The Date Example Image

In this article we cover:

1. When to send save the date cards

2. Save the Date Card Wording

3. What Size is a Save the Date Card?

4. Save the Date Templates

5. Save the Date Card Alternatives?

When to send save the date cards


When to send save the date cards depends upon the kind of wedding you’re planning.

For a local wedding

Planning a wedding close to home? You should aim to send save the date cards at least six months before your wedding.

For a local wedding at a busy time of year

If your wedding is taking place at a time when people are likely to make plans – for example, during the school summer holidays, on a bank holiday weekend, or at Christmas time – you may want to send save the dates a little earlier.

Think eight to ten months before your wedding.

For a destination wedding

Wondering when to send destination wedding save the dates? A destination wedding requires a little more planning on the part of your guests.

So send save the dates at least 12 months in advance. That way they can book time away from work and make travel arrangements, without feeling under pressure.

classic save the date card template with photo of couple

Save the date card wording

Once you’ve decided when to send your save the date cards, it’s time to craft a message for your guests.

Remember that save the date cards don’t need to be heavy on the detail – that comes later, in your invitation. But there are a few essential pieces of information you need to include.

Essential information to include on save the date cards

Every save the date should include:


- The names of the couple (or at least their initials)

- The date of the wedding

- The wedding venue or the town in which the celebration will take place

If you have a wedding website up and running, you may like to provide the website link so guests can get additional information on the location and local accommodation options.

Importantly, you also need to tell your guests which members of their household are invited.

Include the names of all invited partners and children. And indicate whether single guests can bring a plus one (e.g. Sarah Lloyd and Guest).

If there isn’t space on your save the date card to include guest names, be sure to write out all names on the envelope.

Informal save the date wording

Lucy + Kate are getting married!

Please save the date


Manchester City Centre

More details to follow

Formal save the date wording

Save the Date

for the wedding of

Catherine Mary Jones


James Christopher Patterson

Saturday, the twenty-second of October

Two thousand and twenty-two

Bridgenorth, Shropshire

Formal invitation to follow

What size is a save the date card?

Photo Strip save the date

A standard save the date card is 5″ x 7″ (which is around 178x127mm). This makes it easy to pop your card in an envelope and send it in the post.

But there are alternatives if you want a more original save the date option.

You can get square save the date cards, circular save the date cards and even 200mm x 50mm photo strip save the date cards.

When considering what size save the dates should be, it’s really down to each individual couple and their chosen save the date style.

Save the date templates

As with all your wedding stationary, your save the date cards should ideally reflect the theme, colour scheme or simply the vibe of your special day.

Luckily, there are loads of great templates out there – so you’ll find it easy to include essential save the date information and reveal a little something about what your big day has in store.

Photo save the date cards

Put those beautiful engagement shots to good use by selecting a photo save the date template.

Choose from portrait or landscape layouts, upload your image and simply edit the text to personalise your own photographic save the date card.

Don’t want to be the centre of attention? A high quality photograph of your venue or location makes a wonderful save the date backdrop too.

Illustrated save the date cards

Keep things simple with a minimalistic, illustrated save the date template. Simply edit your info and you’re good to go.

Save the date cards with a calendar

Add a little extra visual interest to your save the date cards by including a calendar. You can highlight the date of your wedding and include a stunning photograph of the two of you together.

Photo strip save the date cards

Want an informal save the date? A photo strip is a fun and quirky alternative to the standard save the date postcard.

With a photo strip save the date template you get to include all essential wedding info – and a couple of beautiful engagement shots too.

Save the date card alternatives?

Guests love getting a save the date card in the post. Placed on a mantelpiece or fridge door, it helps to build excitement around your big day.

But there are ways to go paperless if that’s what you’d prefer.

Create a Facebook group

Create a private Facebook group, then add all guests to it. Once everyone has accepted your group invite, post a save the date message.

You could simply type the message as a Facebook post. Or catch the eye of your guests with a save the date image.

Just make sure all of your guests have a Facebook account – and regularly check the platform – or your save the date may pass them by.


Know your guests’ email addresses? Then you can quickly and easily ask them to save the date via email.

Again, you can choose to type a message or embed a save the date image for something a little more special.

Create a website

A website is a great way to share details about your wedding. You just need to send guests the link – then they can access save the date info wherever they happen to be.

Start by directing guests to a designated save the date page. Then give them access to invitation details when all of your plans are finalised.

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Save the date FAQ

What are save the date cards?

Save the date cards tell your guests about the date and location of your wedding celebration. They’re sent as a precursor to your wedding invitation.

Do evening guests need a save the date card?

An evening guest who receives a save the date card may presume that they’re invited to the whole wedding day. Cue disappointment when their invitation lands and they realise this isn’t the case.

To avoid any confusion, you could create two save the date versions – one for day guests and one for evening guests.

For example:

Save the date

to celebrate the marriage of

Helen & Jake

at our evening reception


Thornton Manor, Cheshire

Alternatively, you could simply skip the save the date for your evening guests and send them an invitation once you’re ready.

Is three months too late for save the dates?

Only three months left until your wedding? You should be sending invites, rather than save the dates.

Does a save-the-date mean you're invited?

Absolutely. When you receive a save the date card you can be confident of getting a follow-up invitation.

Why do you send save the date cards?

Save the date cards let your guests know the date and location of your wedding.

This means they get lots of time to plan work schedules, accommodation and travel. They can also save money if necessary.

From the couples’ perspective, a save the date allows you to share the news of your wedding before you’ve finalised all of the details you want to include in an invitation.

By giving your guests plenty of notice, it’s more likely that they’ll be able to attend.

Do you have to send save the date cards?

You don’t have to send a save the date card just because it’s the done thing.

If you’re having a short engagement – or a small celebration with nearest and dearest – you can jump straight in with wedding invitations.

Who do you send save the date cards to?

You should send save the date cards to everyone you’re planning to invite to your wedding. That includes people who are probably already in the loop – like your close family and the bridal party.

Just remember that you should send an invite to everyone who gets a save the date. So take some time to finalise your guest list before sending save the dates in the post.

Now you know when to send save the dates - and what to include in them, it’s time to make your own.

Here at Inkifi, we have a range of beautiful save the date templates to choose from. Simply select your favourite to create a personalised save the date card, sure to wow your wedding guests.