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Our Vision

Our Vision

Your images tell a story. Having your photographs printed allows you to share and remember this story with the people that are closest to you. We believe that this is a beautiful and age-old ritual that has more relevance today than ever before. That’s why we love doing what we are doing. Making your favourite memories tangible and lasting couldn’t be more of a fulfilling task in our view. There are many stories that are too private to tell, too intimate to be spread beyond your closest circle of friends and family. There are some visual stories, however, whose purpose it is to be shared with the world. We want to make Inkifi a platform for this, to connect you - photographers and visual storytellers out there - with each other, give you exposure and showcase your work through Inkifi.

Our Vision

We are always seeking to collaborate with talented individuals, finding out more about what they do and how they manage to do it so well. We believe there are many gifted people out there whose ideas and amazing work is work spreading – and we’d love to help doing that in the little way we can. We are not interested in how old you are, how well established, or how many followers you have got on Instagram. We are interested in people who share our ethos and our values: who are passionate about what they are doing and believe in bringing beauty and some good Kharma into the world through their visual narrative. If you think you are one of those people and have an idea, a passion, an image, a memory – in short, a story worth sharing then we’d love to hear from you.

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