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In a planet filled with so much beauty and diversity, it’s not hard to find creativity and inspiration in some of the world’s most notable cities. In fact, some cities have made a name for themselves in the world of art, music, architecture and other creative ventures.

We wanted to find out which city is the most creative so we took a look at a selection of inspirational factors, such as the number of art galleries, the popularity of street art, and even the hometowns of some of the biggest music artists in the world.

So if you’re looking for a touch of creative inspiration, which cities should you add to your travel wish list?

Top 5 Most Creative Cities


Paris, France

The French capital is known for artistic flair and is home to at least 175 art galleries and is the hometown of singer, Édith Piaf.

Must-see creative location:

Louvre Museum


Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish city has some of the most incredible architecture in the world, with 165 noteworthy architectural buildings and 121 monuments and statues.

Must-see creative location:

La Sagrada Familia


Dublin, Ireland

As the hometown of Guinness, it’s no surprise that the creative juices are freely flowing in Dublin, with 29 comedy clubs and 24 theatres across the city.

Must-see creative location:

Trinity College Dublin


London, UK

With 204 theatres across the city, London is known for its theatre, music, and art scene and is home to 220 art galleries displaying work from some of the most famous artists in the world.

Must-see creative location:

The National Gallery


Tel Aviv, Israel

This historic Israeli city is filled with creativity, boasting more than five art galleries per square mile and UNESCO recognised architecture.

Image by barak_Brinker_105

Must-see creative location:

Habima Square

The Most Creative Cities in the World RANKED


Number of Street Art Instagram Posts Monthly Street Art Searches Number of Hometown Music Artists Number of Art Galleries per sq. miles Number of Theatres per sq. miles Number of Music Clubs (Jazz Clubs, Blues Clubs, Piano Bars, Country & Western Bars) per sq. miles Number of Comedy Clubs per sq. miles Noteworthy Architectural Buildings per sq. miles Number of Monuments & Statues per sq. miles

Per 100,000 people






In order to discover the most creative cities in the world, we used a range of sources:

Instagram - used to find the number of hashtags used in relation to street art.

Ahrefs - used to find the monthly search data for street art searches.

YouGov - used to find the most popular musicians of all time in order to find their hometowns.

TripAdvisor - used to find the number of art galleries, theatres, music clubs, comedy clubs, architectural buildings, and monuments and statues.

Wikipedia - used to find square miles and population of each city.

Euromonitor - used to source the original list of cities.

With the data, we were then able to create a weighted ranking of each city, weighting each factor equally.