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Beatrice Manzoni

@vadoanord My name is Beatrice Manzoni. I’m an Italian fashion design student currently living in Milan. I like to think that I’m adventurous, light-hearted enough, and a nice person to hang out with. My photography is clean. I like shots with few elements, there must be a nice texture/tone in the background (better if even), and I always include a tiny little person in the shot. This is fundamental to me because in every photo I want to capture the relation between the person and the environment itself. Also, I usually search for white places, old buildings, new architectures and woods (I’m a mountain lover). My love for outdoors has always been there for me, even since a was a child. I’m amazed by nature, more so by mountains. There is something mystical about the Alps, which are the ones I’m most familiar with. I try to spend most of my free time exploring. I think it all comes from the love my parents have for traveling: I’m grateful, because they passed this passion to me. Italy, this might sounds obvious, it’s a place that can give inspiration continuously, mostly because of its diversity. Every place it’s really unique. This is something that really amazes me. How can you not appreciate beautiful landscapes and stunning old towns full of history?
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Beatrice Manzoni @vadoanord
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