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Matilde Minauro


Matilde is a still life photographer with a passion for finding poetry in every object she captures with her photography. Her style is focused around muted colours, composition and interesting perspectives. She lives and works in the ancient city of cities - in Rome.

Photography is an art so wonderfully surprising that it stimulates you every day to capture things that you'd never thought could speak to your heart. I love to define my photos as a collection of quiet poems. My quiet poems are felt deep inside my soul. They are delicate whispers that speak to me and ask to be let out to tell my story. Not in words, but in a collection of single frames, caught in that light that silently paints them and brings them to life.

I am passionate about everything in life, actually. My photographs tell my story, a story that pulsates inside me and needs to be told. I really hope that everyone can find pieces of their own story in mine.

Rome is the most inspiring city in the world. The way it inspires me is unique - it made me understand that the Great Beauty is hidden in the tiny details, in secret little places where you can find silence.

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Matilde Minauro @quietpoem
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