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Lucy Hamilton


Lucy Hamilton is a nature photographer who is currently living in Scotland. She takes many pictures of the UK but has also photographed many other locations worldwide. She spoke to us to talk about photography and where she lives.

"Scotland is special in so many ways! It is a very diverse country with many different landscapes from the mountainous regions, the islands, the flat landscapes of the Borders, many miles of coastline and of course the wonderful towns and cities. It is a place that is instantly romantic, if you haven’t been here you want to come, and if you have you want to stay! I arrived here over 20 years ago, and didn’t leave!

"Obviously Scotland is very photogenic - you are never far from some spectacular vista, and you can take your pick over the kind of photography you want to do. I love that I can travel relatively short distances from my home on the west coast of Scotland and photograph dramatic hills, seascapes, lochs and glens, waterfalls, forests, ferries coming to and fro, fishing boats, seagulls, single track roads, paths leading to who knows where, croft cottages, lighthouses and even the Northern Lights when I’m lucky!

"I think it’s the weather that inspires me! I used to be a fair weather photographer but now I fully embrace the wild and moody photo that Scotland makes so easy! The light is always changing. We see so many rainbows and dark grey skies as well as blue skies and crystal clear air. I love watching the changing of the seasons. Autumn is especially stunning. It’s very hard to be out and about and not see a photographic opportunity. And it doesn’t just have to be the usual wide vistas; you can also capture small quiet moments - people walking their dogs on the beach at sunset, a perfectly placed tree against a snowy hill, smoke coming out of a white cottage in a glen. It’s an endless source of inspiration!"

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