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Nana Hagel


Nana Hagel is a lifestyle photographer, she is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark but she has photographed all over the world. She caught up with us to talk about her city and love of photography.

"I believe photography is an important means of communication for many people. With social platforms such as Instagram, anyone can now share their work and I think that has democratized photography as an art form, which is super cool. Getting feedback on your work is very inspirational, and one of the reasons why I keep sharing images with my followers. Of course, the importance of photos and our constant exposure to them also means that you have to use your common sense and not mistake photos for a representation of real life, which is just as important.

"The essence of Copenhagen must be that it’s a very ‘hyggelig’ by; the well-known Danish word for cozy and nice. It’s small, everyone knows everyone, and it only takes a couple of days to really get a good impression of the city.

"I don’t know if traveling has made me a better photographer but I certainly feel the most inspired when traveling. Seeing new things, hearing new languages and tasting new food. These situations are definitely where I get new ideas and feel like putting an effort into photography.

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Nana Hagel @nana_ha
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