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Valeriy Poltorak


Photography has been a very big part of my life since before I can remember, I was always carrying around any camera I could get my hands on and if I didn't have a camera I would constantly be looking at life through the eyes of a viewfinder. I didn't actually have my first DSLR till February of last year. I used what I had and didn't let my lack of equipment keep me from losing my sense of passion. It's the heart and mind that make the photographer.

Photography is important to me because it allows me to capture moments that will never be relived but if captured may not be forgotten. Photography is not just pointing at an object and taking a picture. It's focusing on a subject, capturing an unforgettable moment and sharing it with others in hopes that they'll be able to find a connection.

I constantly doubted myself as a photographer; lack of equipment or lack of inspiration can be destructive but once I started seeing how God was able to change my life in the aspect of photography allowing me to inspire the lives of others it helped boosted my confidence! with that confidence the photographer in me was able to become more stronger and as I worked hard the skills and understanding began to develop!

When I am out with my camera, I'm inspired by everything! The beautiful thing about this world is it has SO much to offer us. Filled with love, pain, beauty, tragedy and constant change. No matter where you look or where you go, you're bound to come across something that you'll never see again. I may not always have my camera with me but a large portion of my photos are all taken with my iPhone and I'm so thankful I at least have that with me at all times, ready and available when the perfect moment arises!

I love my family and my relationship with God, if it wasn't for either of those I wouldn't be the man I am today. God has blessed me with a wonderful family who loves and supports me. He has blessed me with this beautiful world and has given me the opportunity to share my heart and my passion with all of those around me through my photography, I owe everything to Him. When I'm not spending time with family or focused on photography, I also enjoy a good donut. I'm not much of a desert guy but when it comes to donuts I have a hard time saying no!

The Pacific Northwest is a goldmine for photographers! The beauty of living in Seattle is being surrounded by a vast range of landscapes. Two hours away in all directions you have the coast, city, ice caves, desert, woods, cliffs, mountains, volcanoes, rainforest and even another country! No matter what is you want to see, the Pacific Northwest has it all! I have spent hours and days exploring and although I may never see it all I'm excited and looking forward to sharing those moments with you all!

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