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I see photography as a meditative process of finding, exploring and capturing the little things in life that make you feel happy and calm. Ever since I've found my passion for photography, it’s been the mindful process that’s involved in it which has fascinated me the most. You focus so intensely on a subject, study its color, shape and placement - which in return makes you present. I really think that still-life photography goes hand-in-hand with this :) I am passionate about meeting new people. Exploring new things. About great food, yoga, breakfasts, friendships and my home.

I see my role as a photographer as constantly evolving. I'm a self-taught photographer, I'm still learning but what I do know is that it's all about true, genuine passion and the urge of telling a story that makes you evolve.

I love to capture moments that conveys a feeling or a mood. Everything from nature, flowers, fauna - to a plain cup of coffee at my breakfast table. My goal is to make people feel something, I get most excited when someone reaches out to let me know that my pictures have affected them in some way, by making them feel more serene and calm.

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