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Lilly Husbands

@lillylalaloulou I first started shooting film at university, but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago, while I was doing a PhD in Film Studies, that photography turned from a hobby into a passion. I needed a creative outlet and to get outside, and photography was great for both of those things. What I soon realised was that it was what I had been looking for all my life—that my body and spirit were fed by photography in a way that nothing else compared to. I grew up on a ranch in Texas, and I was what you might call a real ‘wild child’—long, tangled hair and moccasined feet, I was more likely to be brandishing a bow and arrow or throwing knives than holding a baby doll or barbie. So the outdoors has always run through my veins. Despite my citified life in London, I am constantly dreaming of and planning for my next adventure. The wilder, the better. Because the UK is my adopted homeland, I see it with fresh and curious eyes. Its topography is surprisingly diverse. Much of it is cultivated and idyllic, but where it’s wild, it’s savage. The weather on these islands makes it so that everything is always dramatic and changeable. I’m constantly on the look out for new places to shoot, and I’m rarely disappointed. For me, photography is a paintbrush. It allows me to capture and interpret the beauty of a moment in nature in a way that celebrates our wondrous existence on this planet. Photography is a motivator, a form of meditation, and a dear, dear friend.
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Lilly Husbands @lillylalaloulou
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