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Marina Schammler



Marina is a German portrait and still-life photographer. She lives near Cologne with her husband and her two beautiful cats.

The idea of taking the most ordinary things and moments and to make them extraordinary - that is what fascinates me most about photography. It taught me to pay attention and to notice even the smallest details that most people overlook or simply take for granted. Everything around you looks different when you start to see the world as a photographer. You suddenly notice light, shapes, colors, textures, flowers, people... It's just amazing how it changes your point of view.

I'm passionate about many things, especially everything creative. To name just a few; DIY, books, food, animal welfare, enjoying daily life and of course photography!

My mobile work is quite different to what I shoot with my DSLR. And this is exactly what I love about photography. There are so many different ways to capture the beauty of life.

The iPhone gives me a camera that's always with me. A darkroom and a computer are already incorporated in it and it also gives me the possibility to post and share my photos from almost anywhere in the world.

My role as a photographer is to record and preserve moments. To share what inspires me in my everyday life. One of the things I actually enjoy most is creating a beautiful still life scene with food & flowers.

I also love getting out into nature to capture the amazing beauty around me. Spring is my favorite season of the year. When the flowering trees splash colors along the road...that just makes my heart sing.

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