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Josiah Jones


Josiah Jones is a talented filmmaker and outdoor photographer based in Denver, Colorado.

I was born and raised in the great U.S. state of Texas and lived there until I was 20 years old. That’s where I grew my love for filmmaking and photography. In 2013 I came to Colorado to work and live for two and a half months and absolutely fell in love with the place. I moved back to Texas for 6 months as I prepared to make my move to Colorado permanent. In April of 2014 I drove 18 hours from San Antonio, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Since being here I’ve met some really amazing people and been to some incredible places. In November I was hired at Red Rocks Church (a mega church of about 10,000 people) as a filmmaker and I’m currently working and loving that job as I tell stories for a living.

First and foremost I want to say that I’m a filmmaker first, photographer second. Cinematography is my passion but the following answer still applies to both labels. I know it sounds cliche, but it really is a joy to be able to show someone my perspective on any given situation. One of my favorite things is going into the mountains and shooting with friends and seeing all the different way we capture the same environment. I also love being able to tell a story through the visual medium. It’s a way to communicate my heart to people and for people.

Quite obviously I am passionate about visual storytelling, but more than that; about community. Nowadays the word community is thrown around so flippantly. It seems like every coffee shop, tea-house or local business wants to leverage the word community to get people in the door. When I say community, I’m not talking about people to who hang out and are kind to one another because they share a common interest (i.e. coffee, photography, books, etc.). I’m talking about growing and structuring relationships with people that will last through extremely difficult circumstances. Community is not found in the ease of getting along with people, but in walking through hard times with others. Community is when you can pour your heart out to others and share what you’re really going through; your fears, failures, joys and victories. When loving one another is a choice, not just a feeling. I do this imperfectly, but I believe pursuing true community will only help us in telling better stories. When you know what authenticity is, you’re work will reflect that and people will be drawn to it.

I’ve already said it, but I really do see my role as a photographer as one of a storyteller. Not just finding good light or getting the best composition, but doing those things with purpose to convey a message to my viewer.

I think it’s clear from my work that I am naturally biased towards landscape/adventure lifestyle photography. I have much respect for portrait, food, and urban photography but it’s just not who I am (Although I’m not afraid to try my hand at them every now and then.) Creation is so vast and there’s so much to see, find and capture, that inspires and drives me. I’m and avid hiker and love finding photos that few have taken.

I feel like Denver has almost everything I need to satisfy my love of cinematography and photography. Everything except an ocean, but I can look past that. Denver sits right on the border of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the great planes of America. Head west and you’re surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, creeks, wildlife and all that good stuff. Head east and you’re on the vast open planes which have a beauty of their own. Denver also has a great culture in relation to the arts, food and most importantly—Coffee. Within the city there are great places to work on urban/street photography, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that being so close to the mountains inspires me greatly.

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