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Joel Bear


Joel grew up in the art and music scene, so you could say it was destined for him to fall into some form of photography. He photographed for bands in high school and then when we wanted to get married after college we had a great desire to work together. Photography turned out to be the perfect outlet for us. I, Maggie, have followed Joel in his footsteps of photography and have never regretted a step of it.

People always tell us we have a dream job, and we will never argue. Although it may be our dream job it is not an easy one. There is a lot of planning, dedication and team work that goes into all of our adventures. Often we are up with the sunrise and out with the stars, but we would never trade it for anything.

Light is a huge driving force in what we do, without it we would have nothing. It spurs the on our inspiration whether it be raw and moody or vast and breathtaking we are always chasing the light in all that we do.

I know, simple enough, we are best friends and didn't want your average separate careers as husband and wife, but wanted to truly build our life together.

Our passion is for people and where they are in life. Being able to capture a glimpse of a story in an artistic and inquisitive way so draws us. We want to be able to share where people are and hopefully that transcends into helping them prosper.

We are passionate about living life to the fullest and for our Creator. This drives every area if our life whether it be surfing, climbing, hiking, or a good cup of coffee. We always want to be living our life to the fullest and we strive to inspire others to do the same.

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