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Janske is a Belgium-based, outdoor and still life photographer. She lives in beautiful white stone house in a forest called Bosland.

What fascinates me particularly about photography is capturing a truly personal impression of my surroundings and just how every little detail is important to get the best result. I love sharing landscapes and nature’s purity, where things can just be what they are.

I am passionate about the great outdoors, travelling, discovering new places. Being surrounded by a beautiful landscape gives me peace of mind. I am also very interested in music and, of course, in photography and art.

As a photographer, I'm just doing what I love at that moment, trying to capture the beauty and essence - the poetic stills of everyday life. Hopefully this in turn will then inspire others.

Belgium is beautiful in its own way, never perfect but always very "Belgian". What all Belgians have in common is a love for the “good life” - what we call in French, a true joie de vivre. I love that attitude. Cities like Antwerp and Brussels are inspiring and I live in a middle of a forest which of course is an inspiration in itself.

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