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Reza Harditya

@harditya In capturing photos, I like to emphasize on contrasts, which can come in many forms; colours, textures and even context. I feel that it's a great way to convey mood that is otherwise lost in a photo. Another thing I try to show in a photo whenever I get the chance is to add a sense of scale. Having a subject in the photo to give a relative size to the vast surroundings can add a dramatic effect. Other than my photography style, I hope the work I do can bring more appreciation on what excites me the most, the outdoors and connecting with others to create cool stuff. I started photography back in 2003 when wanted to try something new to fill my time between studies. That's when I got my first SLR camera. There's obviously highs and lows of my photography, but the moment I realise the power of photography, the contents I can create using a camera, I knew I was hooked. Spending more time getting to know other creative minds and their work always inspire me to do more. There's no better way to be inspired than to actually get close and personal to what excites you. I've always loved roadtrips. Mostly because I enjoy the feeling of being out in the open, exploring new places, and taking photos of my journeys. In a way I enjoy being outdoors because I like to take photos, and I like taking photos because I enjoy being outdoors. To me photography is not just about capturing a scene anymore, but it's more about sharing and collaborating. Through Instagram, I get to meet and join other photographers in communities where the main goal is to share and create exciting stuff together. I've gone on trips with other photographers where we create great photos that would not have been possible to do by myself. Trips are definitely better with good companions. Photography is beautiful.
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Reza Harditya @harditya
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