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Frida Edlund


What fascinates me most about photography is how quickly I can escape from the "real" world when I hold a camera in my hands. It’s as if I’m an actress slipping into my role as a photographer - all the other things of my daily life just become unimportant and I’m just focused on taking pictures.

To be honest my biggest passion in life is photography. My challenge is to find other passions that don’t involve a camera:) What I also need in my life, however, is yoga and travelling. I find it absolutely blissful to sit on a beach or in a boat, simply being as close to the water as possible. To plunge into water from great height is actually also one of my passions – I even was a diver as a kid!

I like to be the leader when I photograph. I like to create and explain the scene to everyone else who is involved in the photographic project. When I was assisting a world famous photographer – we were shooting the global campaigns for GANT and H&M all over the world - I realized just how important the photographer’s role is. He or she needs to have a fully formed plan for the preparation, the light and location of the shoot and I really like that about photography. I discovered that I am good at having a creative vision in my head. But of course it also comes with a big responsibility.

Two years ago, I moved from Stockholm to a house in the countryside. I really needed this change and break in my life. Here, I can replenish my energy and just breathe the fresh air. To work creatively all the time is of course a blessing but it’s also very mentally challenging at times. That’s why it’s so important to have a place where you can be totally alone and free from judgment.

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