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Cory Crawford


Cory Crawford is a uniquely talented outdoor and portrait photographer based in the city of Spokane, Washington.

I am fascinated by photography as it can be both the easiest of art forms, yet also one of the most difficult. Anyone can go to a certain location and take a beautiful photo of a gorgeous mountain and a reflective lake, but there are some artists that can look at that same landscape and bring it to life in a whole different way. The same goes for portraiture, as there are certain people that can create a beautiful piece of art out of a person who would ordinarily hate photos of himself/herself. Whether it be the composition, creative use of light, or the things included/excluded in the frame that give an image a unique and lively feel. My goal is to constantly better myself as a photographer and always strive for a true sense of art in my photos.

I am passionate about people, hope, and life. I’m passionate about stepping outside of myself, seeing others first, and doing something to better their situations. This stems from my faith in Jesus Christ, and has wholly affected the way I see everything around me. It’s from this passion for those three things that my desire for photography truly came to life, and my craft would be nothing if it weren’t for them.

When I think about myself as a photographer, I see myself as two things. I see myself as someone who has the privilege to capture a moment or period in time to share with people from the future, and I see myself as an artist. One of my favorite aspects of photography is the fact that its both an art and a way to capture memory and preserve it in a way that few other things can.

I’ve lived in Washington my whole life. For a long time I would complain about having to live in the same old boring place, but I’ve grown to love the unique beauty and distinct charm of the foggy mountains, lush green forests and rolling hills that make the state of Washington the gorgeous place that it is. Photographically, I feel incredibly privileged to be surrounded by the incredible landscapes as well as the culture that cultivates creative growth so well.

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