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Chris Buxton

@BUXTONC Chris Buxton is a 22 year old UK based photographer who focuses his work around the outdoors and adventure. He captures scenes that encourage people to travel with him through his images and urge them to go out and explore the world themselves. "I was never one for the outdoors until I got into photography, everything changed when I picked up a camera. I started to see things a little different, seeing the landscapes we live in differently. I love to shoot places that show a sense of scale, places that show how tiny you and your problems really are. That feeling you get when you reach the summit of a mountain or when you look out to sea is just something special. "If there’s one thing I love about the UK and Wales in general it’s how diverse the landscape can be in such a small country. You can easily climb a mountain, walk through a forest and head to the beach all in the same day if you really wanted to! We have a lot of rain in the UK, but this makes for luscious green landscapes!"
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Chris Buxton @buxtonc
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