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Clarice Chian



Clarice Chian is fashion stylist, writer and editor @peutetremagazine. British-born and Brazilian-raised, she now lives and works in Australia, with her husband and two children.

I believe photography tells a story through our eyes. It allows us to capture beauty in unlikely or unexpected places, enables us to re-live a happy memory over and over again, whilst sharing a story with others. I have also always loved taking photographs of food, which I started doing decades ago, way before it was 'acceptable' to do so. My friends and family would tease me mercilessly for it (still do at times!).

I’m passionate about family, food, and fashion...uhm, and let's add Fotografia! (Photography in Portugese:-))

When taking photographs I aim to portray beauty in small details, capture memories, a sentiment, or an experience...Joining Instagram last year allowed me to indulge in my passion for photography in a more accessible manner than with my beloved DSLR. I have two young children, so having two hands at my disposal, or carrying a big camera is not always an option. That is also why my iPhone-only Instagram pictures are often taken indoors, as I don't always have my hands to myself when I'm out and about with them. Having said that, my style of iPhone photography is entirely different from the photos I take on my DSLR camera. I also use Instagram as a 'playroom' for creativity, where I allow my inner child to have fun, such as the pictures I create using food like macarons, or my kids' vitamin gummies, in a playful manner.

My fashion credo…

I gravitate towards classic pieces with a twist, and have a deep love for textiles and embroidery. My personal style is usually 'slightly undone'. As in, I don't feel most comfortable (or 'me') in a very feminine dress complete with heels, looking very polished and girly. For some reason I feel the need to add a masculine or 'dressed down' touch to my outfit. Such as pairing a dress with sneakers, or jeans with a feminine blouse. Also, because I am usually running after or carrying two little ones, 99.99% of the time I am dressed for comfort and practicality nowadays. Comfort is paramount, I always say!

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