So long summer and hello autumn. What better time to start planning your travel adventures for the year to come? We’ve teamed up with globetrotter Anne Cui to give you some travel inspiration for 2019.

Anne was born and raised in San Francisco, spent most of her post-college years in NYC and has always had the itchy feet of a perennial traveller. “I’ve always been most inspired while in motion or looking back on my travel notes and photos,” she tells us.

This year she has already visited South Korea, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Spain and Taiwan. And whilst she isn’t keeping count, she estimates that she’s travelled to 30+ different countries throughout her lifetime so far. Travelling has taught her that people have more similarities than differences. And that the guide book doesn’t usually lead you towards the most authentic experiences.

When it comes to finding her own travel inspiration, Anne looks to art, books, magazines and film. She prefers seeking out local cafés, restaurants and neighbourhoods over tourist haunts. And she’s hoping to make it to Ethiopia and Uzbekistan soon. “They’re both high on my list as they each have such a storied history; I would really love getting a glimpse at those ancient cultures.”

So where will 2019 take you? Take a look at Anne’s all-time top destinations, sure to awaken your wanderlust and get you booking that next flight.

The Tastiest Food: Japan

“Japan is a seafood lover’s paradise and has cuisine to fit anyone’s palate and pocketbook. Even the egg sandwich you find in Lawson convenience stores is delicious.”

The Friendliest People: Indonesia

“Nowhere else have I experienced such warmth and kindness. I was quite under the weather during a trip to Bali and my local hosts were so gracious.”

The Most Breath-Taking Scenery: Namibia

“I road-tripped through Namibia last year and it was by far the most scenic experience I've had to date. We saw herds of oryx in the plains, climbed bright orange dunes during a sandstorm, and watched the full moon from our cabin in the middle of the desert.”

The Most Impressive Architecture: The USA

“When it comes to architecture I tend to look closer to home. I’m very drawn to the Modernist architecture of Richard Neutra, Mies van der Rohne, and Philip Johnson. There are so many gems in New York and Los Angeles.”

The Most Fascinating Culture: India

“India is colourful, chaotic, regal, and captivating. Even the most seemingly mundane activity is full of life and magic. One of my favourite things to do there is immerse myself in the local markets. It's a sensory overload in the best way possible.”

The Best Place to De-Stress: The Maldives

“Imagine being dropped off on a remote sand bar in the middle of the Indian Ocean and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves. It's an experience that's hard to beat.”