Artist - Marissa Cox

Instagram - @ruerodier

Followers - 116k

Marissa Cox moved from London to Paris in 2013 and has been documenting her adventures in the French capital ever since. She's a writer, photographer and digital strategist with an eye for design and a serious travel bug. Her blog Rue Rodier (named after the first street she lived on in Paris) is a diary of her daily life, journeys around the world and "request for better living" Here Marissa talks to Inkifi about what inspires her and her photography.

"I moved to France two years ago. The language barrier has been tough and the French systems can be very complicated, I'm still confused about my taxes! But it's all worth it for the joy of living in a beautiful city and experiencing a new culture.

"I've been passionate about photography since I can remember. I was always the one with the camera when I was growing up - capturing moments. And when I was still living in London I dabbled by helping friends on shoots. It wasn't until I came to Paris that I began taking it more seriously and spent most of last year teaching myself how to edit. Instagram has obviously been a big catalyst in the sense that it has connected me with like-minded people and given me the confidence to pursue photography professionally.

"My photography style is clean, crisp and often colourful. I'm on a never-ending quest to be more minimal and I like to play with light. I use my iPhone 5c for Instagram images and have a canon 6D with a 50mm 1.4 and 24-70mm 2.8 lenses for everything else. I have lots of photographs of fashion, food and interior design. I'm always trying to focus a little more in what I do, but my eyes tend to get a bit distracted.

What do I look for in the perfect shot? Natural light is key and I like straight lines, which is not so easy in Paris as so many of the old buildings are crooked. I'm forever trying to master the negative space shot. It's a work in progress.

I don't really have a favourite image but this is one of my top three or so. I was invited by Instagram to do a tour of the Palais Garnier. I got to see a ballet rehearsal, the backstage area and the views from up on the roof. I love the green domes in this image and the fact that you can see the Eiffel Tower in the background.

"The Cinque Terre is probably the most memorable place I have photographed so far. My photos were published online by Cereal Magazine last year. You can see them here. The location of the cluster of towns is spectacular and the colours of the buildings tucked into the rugged cliffs is really incredible..

"Next month I'll be visiting Rotterdam for the second time, I have a friend living there with a beautiful apartment and allotment and I'd love to photograph her in both spaces. Then at the end of August I'm travelling to Santorini for a friend's wedding. I can't wait to capture the iconic blue and white buildings in Oia, as well as the sea views!

"If I had to give any advice on 'better living', I'd say take risks, travel often, do the things (including work) that make you happy, and be prepared to forge your own path.

Thanks so much to Marissa for sharing her thoughts and photography with us. You can see more of her beautiful images on her Instagram feed and on the Rue Rodier blog.