Throughout the weeks of January our customers have been tagging us in pictures of their Inkifi products. We love hearing feedback, especially when they are tagged to some absolutely stunning photography.

Below are a few of our favourites that have been shared in January.

You can always see more inspiration on the  Our Work Your Love Page.

The image above was shared by @nordic_stories who captions the image with:

"I believe there is something magical about prints. Printing out pictures allows you to live again those precious memories. It gives an opportunity to get back to the foggy woods or winter wonderland. Thank you @inkifi_instagram for giving me this opportunity to live again these sweet moments. I just love my prints!"

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The image above was shared by @colecordium who is becoming a regular sharer of our prints, that must tell you something about the quality.

"I’ve been wanting to get some of my pictures printed in this vintage style to use in my reading and bullet journals and they delivered it perfectly. They print out your photos to environmentally sustainable material and I’m very pleased with the quality. I now know who to look for when I need my photos printed."

If you would like your very one vintage style prints, you can find them under the name Retro Prints.

The image above was shared by the brilliant @frasertakesphotos who captions their image with:

"Why do photos look so much better when they’re in your hands? Thanks so much to @inkifi_instagram for sending me a bunch of my photos in cute squares."

If you agree with Fraser and think Photo's look much better in print, then why not go ahead and order the featured print in this image, the ever popular Mini Square.

The image above was shared by @shinythoughts with the caption:

"Taking the best of 2017 into the new year with me in the form of this rather slick print by @inkifi_instagram. All you have to do is select your IG snaps or upload pics to their website and next thing you know it’s framed and in the post. I was so chuffed with mine that I bought my friend a gift voucher to get one for their birthday too."

Why not create your very own Instagram Gallery Frame or alternatively have a look at our great selection of Wall Art.

The image of Retro Prints  was shared by @clumsy.words with the caption:

"Many books, and many photos later I still have quite the stack to read. Thanks to @inkifi_instagram for printing some of my photos. They look pretty neat all lined up like that."

If you want to show your creative side and create something special with your prints, why not start with your first order of Retro Prints.

If you're feeling inspired to create your very own prints, then you can do via either our site or our IOS app