Photographer Bjorn Kremer is lucky enough to live in one of the most cultured city's in the world. Berlin plays a huge influence in Bjorn's photography, he aims to capture everyday life in the German capital in his own unique way.

"Berlin and photography are my two passions which I can luckily connect with each other. I want to capture and get to know the city with the help of photography and the steady search for the perfect moment. Countless perfect moments would have been hidden from me if I hadn't walked the streets of Berlin. I love to capture these moments and I hope to transfer the good feelings I get from the city while walking."

"Photography motives me to explore Berlin and capture perfect moments. Thus, my camera is my daily companion. Therefore, a special moment like this one the evening sky bathed in sunlight makes me even happier. Capturing the sundown makes the imperfect scene simply perfect."

"One thing is for sure; Berlin's street are always full of life; whether the sky turns from black to blue or from blue to black. Berlin's beauty lies within the people that you will meet at all hours of the day, sitting outside and chatting together."

"My view of Berlin was changed by wanting to explore something extraordinary. I don't want to walk around with my eyes glued to my smartphone. I want experience myself and my surroundings. And lets be honest; Berlin is more exciting than the screen of my smartphone."

"While looking for new motives, I don't look for specific places because I liked to be surprised. Thus, even an ordinary car park can offer a beautiful view over the city."

A huge thank you to Bjorn for sharing his thoughts and photography with us. You can keep up to date with Bjorn's photography through his Instagram page - @polaroidville.