Artist - Ali Inay

Instagram - @inayali

Followers - 90.8k

Ali Inay is a travel photographer based in Montreal. He moved from Turkey four years ago and has spent much of his life travelling to far flung destinations. As a result, his work is incredibly varied and vibrant, full of energy and bursting with colour.

Ali's cityscape photography is a particular passion. Whether it's snowy rooftops in Montreal, a bustling market in Chiang Mai or an elegant avenue in Florence, Ali's photography reveals the beauty that can be found in every day city life. Here he talks to us about how he came to discover photography and what inspires his work.

Tell us about where you're from and where you live right now.

I'm originally from Turkey but moved to Montreal four years ago. I have a background in Industrial Engineering and I'm currently studying as a graduate student in Economics, trying to take photos as often as I can.

When did you discover photography?

Right after high school I did a foreign exchange and lived with a family in Bruges, Belgium. My host dad and I used to go hiking in the forest. He was really into photography and I tagged along with him. That was when I first got into photography. However, it was only after I discovered Instagram that I started to shoot almost every day.

There are lots of incredible city shots in your Instagram feed. What appeals to you about capturing city scenes?

I like photographing details but I love showing a scene as a whole. Cityscapes tell you so much about how people in that city live. Because architecture also dictates daily life, I try to mix that into my photography as much as I can too. I also love coffee shops and the culture surrounding them. In every place I visit I try to document how the coffee shop occupies this important place in the flow of the city.

How would you describe your photography philosophy?

'As it is.' I try to show that daily moments can be beautiful too.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I don't actively search for inspiration because I tend to find it everywhere. It can be found when the sunlight silhouettes a couple walking down a quiet alley or at a train station buzzing with people. I think the mundane is inspirational. I am, however, attracted to what I see as "happy" places and colour plays a really important part in that.

Out of all of the places you've travelled to, which have you enjoyed shooting most?

To be honest, it's really hard to select one place. But if I had to choose, it would be San Francisco. The photos I took there aren't my best but being in SF was the first time I discovered a city on my own. I'd wake up at 7am and walk almost 40 kilometres until I couldn't feel the soles of my feet.

What does your photographic future hold?

I have a distant plan to go to Japan and photograph the small towns there. . I'd love to do more travel photography and discover more non-touristy areas. It's those of kinds of places, all around the world, that show you how real people live.

Thanks Ali for sharing your incredible images and inspirations with us. Don't forget to check out more of Ali's photographs on his blog and Instagram feed.