Artist - Yukiko Masuda

Instagram - @nonihanna_

Followers - 151k

Flowers aren't just a form of decoration in Japan. They have roots deep in the country's culture. Whilst in the west, we might associate roses with love, the Japanese go much further. There are hundreds of emotional associations, with flowers to represent pride, sincerity and even unrequited love.

This close connection with flowers is best illustrated by hanami, a centuries old tradition that is still celebrated every year. The name translates literally as flower viewing and refers to the Japanese cherry blossom festival, which takes place all over the country between March and May. Whilst enjoying the opportunity for a picnic and a party, visitors to the cherry blossom trees are also there to appreciate the fleeting beauty of the blossom. The transient flowers bloom for a short time before disappearing and are often seen as a metaphor for life itself.


Yukiko Masuda is a flower stylist and curator of beautiful photography from Tokyo, Japan. She captures her incredible creations using, for the majority of the time, just her iPhone 6. With simple, crisp photographs and a minimalist style, her work creates a feeling of tranquillity and thoughtfulness. Here she tells us about her style and inspirations.


I've worked as a flower stylist for 16 years. I arrange flowers for casual gatherings, special occasions and parties at home. You can see from my Instagram that I also love to cook! I took a baking class for seven years and I'm currently taking a cookery course once a month. Flowers and food are my two big passions in life.

For me, beauty lies in simplicity and I try to make both my arrangements and my photographs simple and natural. Ikebana flower arranging is a traditional part of Japanese philosophy and I take inspiration from its minimalism. It's a real art form.

I look for inspiration everywhere. In nature, the movies and books. And in other photographers' beautiful pictures.

I like to take photos with natural background textures like a rustic table or something that is naturally black or white. The perfect composition combines beautiful light and shadow.

If I had to choose one photo as my favourite, it would be Sakura Arrangement. Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom. I love their fragile beauty.

We'd like to thank Yukiko for sharing her thoughts with us. You can see more of her photographs over on her Instagram feed.