You no longer have to have a camera worth hundreds of pounds to take great photos. Everyone now has a piece of equipment in their pocket capable of capturing greatness. The iPhone consistently upgrades their cameras with each update, so whether it's the iPhone 7, 8, or X/Xs you have the opportunity to capture stunning photos. And with that in mind, we have brought you 5 tips to make the most of the camera on your iPhone.

Use Foreground

Including thins in the foreground of your composition adds depth to a scene and helps the viewer’s eye travel from the foreground objects to the detail in the background.

Utilise Portrait Mode

This allows you to get beautiful depth of field and makes your photos look a lot like those taken with a high-en DSLR. Just make sure to keep still and choose your focus to avoid blurry photos.

Take Shots in HDR

It works to create perfectly lit photos with more colour and detail in both the bright and dark areas. Great for more difficult light conditions like bright skies or dark shadows.

Try out Burst mode

This mode takes 10 photos per second when you hold down the shutter button. Use it whenever there’s more movement than usual in your scene and you’ll have the perfect shot with minimal blur.

Edit your Photos

Use free editing app like Lightroom or VSCO to enhance the feel of the photo. This helps you stand out from others and create your own look. Be careful not to over-edit and don’t use filters at maximum strength.

Big thanks to Elenor for sharing her tips for taking better photos on your iPhone. You can find more of Elenor photography on her Instagram.