Everyone  want to look their best in front of the camera, whether you're taking a selfie, a photo on a timer, or letting someone else capture your beauty. Whether you're a season pro, or a complete novice, everyone needs a helping hand. So with that in mind, we have brought you 5 tips to take better portrait photographs.

Plan your locations

Consider the setting to tell a story through your photos. Plan your locations to match the surroundings with the people you are photographing.

Work with the Lighting

Shoot close to sunrise or sunset for the ideal soft natural light. However, don’t be put off by harsh lighting and make it work for you. Use it as part of your composition!

Get your Subject to pose naturally

Talk to your subject, make them laugh and help them relax. The aim is to make them forget that the camera is there to capture portraits with a candid feel.

Mind the Eyes

The eyes are said to be the “windows of the soul” and any portrait will feel less vibrant when the eyes are either hidden or too dark.

Change your position

Shoot straight at your subject, or squat and aim upwards, or get high and shoot down. It’s amazing how images change when you shoot from a different level.

Big thanks to Elenor for sharing her tips for taking better portrait photographs. You can find more of Elenor photography on her Instagram.