No matter your standard, everyone occasionally needs a helping hand. So with that in mind, we have brought you 5 tips to take better landscape photography. From utilising the hours of the day, to tips on adding depth to your photo's.

Utilise Golden Hour

The times around dawn and dusk are known as the golden hour. It’s the best time to take photos due to the warm low light creating interesting shadows and bringing out the details in the landscape.

Lead the Eye

Compose your landscape photo so that a feature leads the viewer’s eye into the scene from the foreground. Our eyes are normally drawn to strong lines and they naturally wish to follow them.

Create a Sense of Scale

Using a human presence in your photos helps to create a sense of scale of the vast landscapes and also gives a personal connection for the viewer.

Add Depth

Include elements in the foreground, middle ground, and background to add depth to your photo. It also invites the viewer to explore the scene in their mind.

Carry a Tripod

A tripod will enable you to unlock your creativity with long and multiple exposures, panoramas, lower angles and it will also help ensure that your shots are always as sharp as possible.

Big thanks to Elenor for sharing her tips for taking better landscape photographs. You can find more of Elenor photography on her Instagram.